“Nur” means “hollow construction, vase”.

And cavities, filled with symbolisms, are these essential forms, individually thrown on a wheel and engraved with geometric signs inspired by Nuragic art. After firing in a wood kiln, the absolute black of the forms is lit up by gold leaf inserts.

The two base shapes are inspired by the gentle curves of the dome or by the simpler, more tense straight lines of the stairwell in the Sacred Well in Santa Cristina (OR), an archaeological monument with a unique subterranean architecture which retains all of its evocative force to this day.

Every Nur is completed by a glass sphere, to represent the moon or the sun, which every 18 and a half years and on every equinox light up the water in the Well through the hole in the dome, in a sacred instant. In that moment everything is “on earth as it is in heaven”, making us witnesses of an incredible knowledge and a perfect astronomic orientation.