Giampaolo Mameli

(San Sperate, 1952)

Giampaolo Mameli graduated from the Liceo Artistico Statale in Cagliari. His reinterpretation of the symbology from prehistoric Mediterranean art is deeply rooted in the study of the proto-Sardinian and Nuragic cultures and their relationship to the Nature-God.

Giampaolo rethinks the images of the Bull God and of the Mother Goddess, the archetypal figures, synthesis of the cycle of life, that represent the Earth’s fecundity. From them, he takes shapes and motifs which constitute the core of his ceramic production.

Evocative use of formal devices and the need for expressive synthesis push him to research new solutions in style: he then creates figures that join a classic use of shape to decoration from dense writing or monochrome surfaces, which shine with metallic sheen.